What we do

We send our staffs and volunteers in each region of East Africa to offer the best support to communities and help growth of community based organizations in terms of leadership, resource mobilization and advocacy in their campaigns especially to grassroots Organizations with no adequate funds and structural infrastructures. Some of grassroots organizations across East Africa that Generation Alive has worked with success includes; Rwanda Rusile Organization, Mama Dala organization in Uganda, Humanity Amplify Organization in Tanzania, Shanta for development association in Tanzania, and Al-manaar Group in south sudan and many more.

Social change often begins with individually and collectivelly decision. We help advancing women's and girls' rights fighting agaist gender inequality, because when women and girls, men and boys are treated equally, everyone wins.


Generation Alive International's mission is to adress the social injustice, legal and human rights challenges facing communities in East Africa. The organization seeks to create opportunities through which disdavantaged communities can get mobilized and take direct action at grassroot level to change the status quo.


Generation Alive International's vision is to create a fair and equal community in which it's people are respected and promoted without discrimination in terms of ethnic origin, gender, religion, nationality, political affliation and economical-social status.